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Flow Sensing in Air and Water

Welcome to the International Congress on "Flow Sensing in Air and  Water"
    July 18-21, Bonn, Germany


Official start of the scientific program Monday 18th, 8:30

Welcome reception Sunday 17th, 6 pm

Congress Barbecue Wednesday 20th, 6:15 pm


For travel support please check the menu on the left side !

Deadline for applications for travel support has expired !


Flow is an important stimulus in the everyday life of aquatic  organisms, including marine mammals, fish, and invertebrates, and many  terrestrial animals, including especially insects, spiders and birds. Flow  fields are used for communicating, navigating, seeking out prey and  avoiding predators. Animals must also monitor ambient wind and water  currents in order to stabilize their movements in unstable flow fields.  

The main goals of this congress are:

  • to draw together new knowledge on the importance of flow fields to  animals and how they use and process flow information  
  •  to define the current state of knowledge on flow sensing by both  invertebrate and vertebrate animals in both air and water in order to  identify common themes and operational principles across systems  
  •  to bring together researchers studying flow sensing in a wide  variety of aquatic and terrestrial animals  
  • to bring together scientists interested in flow from several  different perspectives like sensory biology, neuroethology,  computational neurobiology and biomechanical engineering.   


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